Bread and Nuts

Video installation

jani ausstell 2

Bread and Nuts is based on the Nick Bostrom’s theory that the world, we live in, is an ancestor simulation. If we are all part of a simulation, what does time, life and death mean to us?
I installed a living room in the exhibition space at Kunstarkaden Munich and used it as a film set. The finished film was then shown on the living room TV at the exhibition. Visitors could watch the actors go through time and space, fall out of it and play with natural forces. The film lets you wonder about so called „reality“. It ends with a live broadcast of the visitors sitting on the couch.


Fischseele (fish soul)


In Fischseele (fish soul) I experiment with old German traditions and rituals. Throwing a fish on the ceiling to see if it sticks, letting a candle run down the river, saying a prayer before going to bed nackedly, backing so called „key bread“ to secure enough food supply the whole year. Everything has a meaning. The experiments move between superstition and religion, nowadays believe and entertainment.
The rituals are based on Helga Maria Wolf’s book „Verschwundene Bräuche“ and were filmed during an super+ ArtResidency at a cabin owned by Gut Oberkammerloh in Bavaria.


The Nest



messi web 2

This room belongs to Mrs. Jäger, an imaginary character who combines various human characteristics. The need of nest-building, the need of safety and the inability of letting go.
Mrs. Jäger is an obsessive hoarder. She is part of a group of people that see more then just an object in the things that surround them. Mrs. Jäger has a relationship with each and every object she owns.

Visit her at the Notel Prinzregent, in room 104
Ismaninger Str. 42-44,
81675 Munich

from the 2nd – 19th of June


Snow white



The glass coffin allows the artist a look into the sky. Seeing the snow slowly and gently burying her.


The Pilgrimage to Cape Town

sculptural installation


I erased the streets off the maps, I left the important things. I marked holes
and obstacles in the streets, zebra crossings and their number of stripes,
ash trays, rubbish bins, benches, traffic lights and the timings of their red
light periods, beautiful trees, security men, bus stations with and without
roof (important for rainy days), dead trees and many more.
I casted lead sculptures of corners of the city. A screw, the edge of a
pavement, a thingy on a post and many more. They are important to me
and probably completely irrelevant to everybody else.


The Portal

performative video installation


The Portal brings openess into a closed space. It combines agoraphobia with
claustrophobia. It is a live and interactive art piece.
Connecting the outside world of a desert with the inside world of a tunnel in the exhibition space by using a live video conference.
The first active live video conference between desert and tunnel took place on the 5th of June 2015. The tunnel was located at the Michaelis Galleries in Cape Town, South Africa. The outside station was located in the Karoo desert at position 32°19’31.8″S 19°44’38.9″E. The visitor could watch the desert live in the tunnel and the desert could watch the inside of the tunnel live on a tube tv.


Meister und Werke


Logo final

m und werke portrait

kunstpavillon wp 1

showroom 1 web

showroom 4 web

sueddeutsche 10-11-2014 m und w

What is art? Who decides over the art market and the horrendous prices?
Why can’t you order art like you order a chair or a kitchen desk?
Don’t we need affordable art for everybody?
Our group, consisting of nine art students from different art fields like sculpture, media art, drawing or painting, founded an Art Production Company called „Meister und Werke“ to find out about nowadays meaning of „art“.
For four weeks we opened our „Flagship Store“ in the well known Kunstpavillon in the heart of Munich. We opened a website, arranged our office and presentation room, learned about financing and law and finally opened up our store. On the 6th of November 2014 the big performance started.
With the help of one of Germany’s biggest newspaper, the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ and some good advertisement, costumers literally overran us. Weeks of producing „art“ and receiving more art orders followed. On the 29th of November we finished our performance with a great finissage show, the exhibition and handover of all orders. We left lots of happy and a few dissatisfied art costumers who were all part of our performance. We brought the concept of art orders of previous decades to the present society  – Did it work? Or did it fail? Every performer found his own answer.



New Nature art


New Nature Art is politics.
While some people still talk about the differences in people, the differences in nations, tribes or religions… while some people start wars to protect „their land“ or kill people of different religious background… while whole human kind is split and sorted in groups…there is one thing we have in common: Nature.

Nature is us. It’s where we all come from and go to. It’s where we start and end. Nature is the link. Nature unites. Nature is pure politics. New Nature Art enjoys mother earth as long as we still have it. As long as human kind haven’t destroyed it yet. New Nature Art celebrates the soil, the animals, the plants, the sun and the sky… New Nature Art is everything but esoteric. How can pure nature be esoteric? New Nature Art is in all of us already.


No path yet


We are practising New Nature Art. Nothing esoteric. Nothing religious. Pure nature. Pure joy. Pure living.
Two people found a secure land where there are no paths yet.


one day


A life in complete isolation. A life in the wilderness. A dream and a nightmare. Being with yourself and the voices in your head. When days pass slowly and the most exciting thing is the newspaper. Your only window into the outside world. The video was filmed in the lonely areas of northern India, close to the border of Pakistan. Where the cold creeps through your socks and touches your heart.



Live Endurance Performance


A bed in a big wall of beds. My private space. My hideout. A basic human need: Sleep. How does it affect my body and mind when I sleep in public. When I change my sleeping rhythm days before so I can sleep during day and be wide awake during the night. Equiped with ear plugs, sleeping pills and sleeping mask I started this ten day experiment.



Live Endurance Performance



Which space is private, which is public? What happens when private space gets public? When there is no more chance to hide? When the Internet – our spy-glass to the world –
becomes the spy-glass to our inner self? What happens when the observer becomes the observed?
In my selfmade Panopticon 2.0 you can watch me, observe me. It’s a box with four cameras inside, which screen the inside of the box on the outside monitors. I am inside. For hours. The box is my selfmade home. Because it doesn’t matter anymore, if I stay in a surveillance box like this or if I am outside in the world. Everybody can watch me at every time. Thank the Internet, thank NSA.


Vietnam and Germany


Kimanh, a vietnamese girl, and me travelled together through Vietnam and Germany. We experienced the differences. We compared. We learned.


Friends Orchestra

Visually supported Audio work

fernseher portfolio3

All friends I’ve had from birth till now are each represented by an instrument and its sound. I can now listen to my life. Some friends are louder, some more quiet, some just stayed for a while and others for a life-time. The graphic supports the sound.