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Mouth cover and instant soup

How different is the world during the age of the internet
and airplanes? Are there still different cultures or is there
just one big world-culture?
I started an expermient between two countries.
Vietnam and Germany. East and West. A vietnamese
girl, Kimanh, and me travelled together. First through
Vietnam, then through Germany. We ate, slept and
experienced our countries together.

I created my books by using our diaries and the pictures
we made during this intense time. It definitely was a
culture clash.




Opera „Galileo Galilei“

Galileo asks himself, how would the world be if I hadn’t made
all these inventions. What about the scientists nowadays?
How would the world be, if they didn’t ever talk about the opportunity
to build nuclear bombs?
Philip Glass‘ opera Galileo Galilei travels back in time and tries to find out what
could be…
Our visuals – projected on the whole stage design – supports the main
questions and interacts with the actors.




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28 philosophers in 44 signs

Philosophy is big and has been present for over thousands
of years. There are hundreds of philosophers and their
theses. Contents are hard to catch and to keep in mind.
I tried to visualize some of the most important works
of philosophy from Parmenides over Rousseau to Marx.
Pictograms are easier to remember and help the reader
to understand difficult correlations.




The simple men

They are just born to be and express. You can collect and look at these cards.
24 original screenprints.




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News 2011 – the world and germany

What happens in the world? And what news actually
reaches Germany?
In this book I compare world news with German news.
I want to show the difference in coverage. I compared
32 events in 2011.
The German news report are pictured on the left,
and the international coverages on the right.
What kind of information do we really get?
What information were shown in our TVs and which were
missing? Do you think you heard about everything important
that happened in 2011?